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Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage stability is the ability of a power system to maintain acceptable voltages at all buses in the system under normal conditions and after being subjected to a disturbance. A system enters a state of voltage instability when:

  • disturbance
  • increase in load demand
  • change in system condition

It results in a progressive and uncontrollable decline in voltage. The main factor causing instability is the inability of the power system to meet the demand for reactive power.

The voltage instability leads to voltage collapse. The followings are the design and operating measures that can be taken to prevent it.

  • System Design Measures
    • Application of reactive power compensating devices
    • Control of network voltage and generator reactive output
    • Coordination of protection/controls
  • System Operating Measures
    • Stability margin
    • Spinning reserve
    • Operator’s action

As TTM Energy, we provide voltage stability analysis service in power systems.