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HV Substations



TTM Enerji has been delivering services that have improved the reliability and flexibility of substations in the most demanding environments, from deserts and mountains to city centers.


  • Installation, test and commissioning
    • Installation of primary and secondary equipments
    • Commissioning of substations
    • Test and maintenance of HV substation equipments
    • Test and maintenance of MV switchboards
    • Test and maintenance of power transformers
    • Test and maintenance of protection and synchronization systems
    • Ground grid measurements


  • Substation design and protection
    • Short Circuit Calculation
    • Protection relay selection and coordination
    • Load flow analysis
    • Cable sizing
    • Primary equipment selection and sizing
    • CT & VT sizing
    • Ground grid design and analysis
    • Earthing transformer sizing
    • Insulation coordination study
    • Surge arrester selection
    • Lightning protection design and analysis
    • Lighting system design and calculation
    • Auxiliary power system and DC system design and calculation
    • Substation design
      • Primary equipment design drawings
      • Layout drawings
      • Single line diagram drawings
      • Protection and control systems drawings
      • Communication system drawings