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Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Nonlinear loads change the sinusoidal nature of the ac power current (and consequently the ac voltage drop), thereby resulting in the flow of harmonic currents in the ac power system that can cause interference with communication circuits and other types of equipment. These harmonic currents also lead to increased losses and heating in numerous electromagnetic devices (motors, transformers, etc.)

When reactive power compensation, in the form of power factor improvement capacitors, is used, resonant conditions can occur that may result in high levels of harmonic voltage and current distortion when the resonant condition occurs at a harmonic associated with nonlinear loads.

The propose of harmonic analysis is to examine the effects of the non-linear load on the system. TTM Enerji has harmonic analysis services for following scope.

  • Harmonic analysis according to IEEE 519-2014 std.
  • Harmonic frequency scan and impedance analysis
  • Calculation of transformer K factor
  • To determine the risks of serial and parallel resonance
  • Harmonic mitigation with active and passive filter